IRN RITMO² (engl)

The IRN RITMO2 “From repetition to innovation in Mesoamerica Interdisciplinary approaches to transmission and change in past and present societies”


Building up on the collaborative research dynamic of the GDRI RITMO “Ritual actions and time: Creation, destruction, transformation in Mesoamerica”, 2015-2018, RITMO2 further strengthens the international partnerships (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, United-States) and reinforces the interdisciplinary and comparative frameworks, with a more ambitious research proposal. The network develops interdisciplinary exchanges (anthropology-ethnology, archeology, history, linguistics, iconography, epigraphy, cognition) on the cultural patterns and the creative dynamics of repetition processes in Mesoamerica, within different semiotic and agentive modalities, and various historical periods. RITMO2 focuses on the role of repetition processes in the generation of novelty and its integration to practice, cognition and temporality schemes.  This general topic is addressed through four main lines of inquiry, which will structure the research calendar:  1) Patterns of repetition, 2) Repetition and transmission: imitation, adoption, variation, 3) Repetition and projection: expectation, anticipation, prevision, 4) Repetition and emergence: transition, rupture, innovation. Comparison within Mesoamerica and with other cultural areas will be a recurrent concern, at different phases of the project.


Partners : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) ; Université Paris Nanterre (France) ; Université Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne (France) ; Abteilung für Altamerikanistik une Ethnologie der Universität Bonn (Germany) ; University of California at Berkeley (United-States) ; The Mesoamerica Center of the University of Texas at Austin (United-States) ; Sapienza, Università di Roma (Italy) ; Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Japan) ; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico) ; Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands); avec la participation de : El Colegio Nacional (Mexico) ; Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antroplogía Social (Mexico).

International Comite: Alexander Geurds, Nikolai Grube, Rosemary Joyce, Olivier Le Guen, Leonardo López Luján, Alessandro Lupo, Philippe Nondédéo, Tsubasa Okoshi, David Stuart, Valentina Vapnarsky, Francisca Zalaquett.

Coordinators:  Valentina Vapnarsky et Philippe Nondédéo.

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